Custom electronic PCB design and manufacturing

Design and manufacturing of electronic PCBs for industrial applications and communication, optical fiber to RS232, RS485 serial standard industrial converters

We design custom hardware and firmware for all sorts of industrial applications, for example automation, electromedical, energetic, lighting, and sensor acquisition.


We perform or oversee every step of the productive process, in order to ensure an optimal standard of quality.


The process flow usually starts with an email, or a call, in order to understand your needs.


Next we take some time to analyze the problem and try to come up with a solution, which we propose to you and wait for your evaluation.

Then we design the hardware, and the firmware if necessary, we create the first prototype and test it.

We send the prototype to you, in order to test it on your device or equipment.


If successful, we manufacture a batch.


Should it require some adjustments, it can be reviewed and then tested again by us at our labs and by you on your premises.

Over the course of the years we have developed our line of converters for industrial serial communication.


We deal with the most common serial standards, like RS232, RS485, RS422, and USB, and with different media, such as optical fiber, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and copper.


These standards cover the vast majority of the needs of the market, but if you have a particular need, we can also make custom converters.

Provided services:

Hardware design:

  • Design of digital, analog, and power electronic boards
  • 8- to 32-bit microcontroller system design
  • Electronic scheme drafting, PCB layout complete development
  • Prototyping

Firmware and software design:

  • Microcontroller programming in Assembly, C, C++ languages
  • Embedded systems development
  • Real Time OS (RTOS) firmware development
  • Accessory PC software in Windows environment
  • Standard or custom communication protocol development or usage
Process flow from components to PCB electronic board
Manufacturing and processing:
  • Device prototyping for the client compliance verification
  • Batch PCB manufacturing
  • SMD and traditional component mounting
  • Functional testing of the board or device
  • Enclosure and epoxy resin finishing
  • After-sales support
  • RoHS compatible production

Complementary activities:
  • Draft and design of mechanical parts
  • Polycarbonate keyboard graphic design
  • Thermoformed enclosure design
  • Label graphic design and production