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CLE Automazioni | Design and manufacturing of industrial converters

Design and manufacturing of custom electronic boards and industrial converters for communication via optical fiber and RS232, RS485, USB serial standards

Since 1979 the company handles the design and manufacturing of electronic PCBs for industrial applications, with a focus on industrial serial communication.


We’ve been operating on a global scale for several years, with satisfied customers all over the world.


Our industrial converter line includes the most common serial standards, like RS232, RS485, RS422, and USB, and provides communication over both copper and optical fiber.


We can also adapt the catalogue-listed converters in order to meet your specific needs, or even design new ones, for niche purposes.
Moreover, we develop both hardware and firmware for a wide variety of industries and purposes, such as industrial automation, electromedical equipment, solar power systems, energy plants.

Over the course of the years we helped many companies put their innovative products on the market, by supporting their choices and by integrating our technology in their systems.


We oversee every step of the whole manufacturing process, from a simple idea to the product production, assembly, and testing.


We also take care of complementary activities and details like enclosures, mechanical parts, labels, and so on.

The list below is a selection of products we developed:

Air-quality control
2-axis solar tracker for motorized photovoltaic panel
Supply and control board for an electrolytic cell
Waterproof timer for a pressure washer
Analog measurement
RFID tags reader
and writer
Linear and switching industrial power supply with RS485
Tanning bed
and lamp timer
Street lighting control with automatic battery charger
GSM/GPRS remote-controlled automation
Pressure therapy and lymphatic drainage equipment
Sauna control
Ozonizer control
Theater scenic
lighting control
Lighting for quality control
automatic cameras
Stepper motor
driver board

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